Our mission

Towards a zero waste event

The current economy has to deal with major challenges in the field of climate change. Like many companies, Easyfairs, the organization behind Empack, also values ​​sustainability. That is why we set ourselves an ambition: we organize a towards Zero Waste event.


Before we achieve that, we take a closer look at our current approach of organizing an event. Our intention is to generate as little waste as possible during Empack. The first step we take is to visualize the current waste streams. As soon as we got this clear of the sources of waste, we will look into the possibilities of bringing this to zero or we will come up with a good alternative.


By constantly keeping the Zero Waste ambition in mind, we think much more consciously about our approach of organizing an event. Let’s get into starting a zero waste event, step-by-step, starting with Empack 2020.


Zero Waste Empack Jaarbeurs Utrecht
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