The Ishida CCW-RV-232B has the ability to handle two, three or four products simultaneously for discharge into the same bag, giving Chocolates Valor the flexibility to respond to changing customer orders. During the peak four months in the run up to Christmas the machine is operating 24 hours a day, handling 1.6 tons of product every hour.

The weigher is packing a variety of bag sizes – 180g, 250g, 470g and 1kg – for both Chocolates Valor’s own brands and private label. Speeds are restricted by the current manual packing of filled packs into cartons, but the machine is running at up to 80 packs per minute on the 470g pack. Changeovers can be carried out quickly by calling up the stored pre-sets on the intuitive and easy to use touchscreen remote control unit. The ease of use of the machine means that just one operator is now required to manage the entire line.

The 32 heads of the weigher are divided into sections to handle the different products – for a four-mix product, therefore, eight weigh hoppers are dedicated to each sweet variety with a second set of booster hoppers (fitted underneath each weigh hopper) doubling the number of available hoppers to 16 for each mix section . All weigh and booster hoppers utilise the Ishida RV’s unique triple combination calculation software that can calculate three optimal weight combinations, double check them and then select the one nearest to the target weight – all in a single cycle.



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