The wait has been worth it, and we can finally make the announcement we have all been waiting for: our new PP HB ECO material has launched, and it represents quite a revolution in the packaging sector. This is the first recyclable material able to withstand high temperatures, including retort processing. This capacity makes it ideal for extending the shelf life of food products, which helps reduce food waste, while favouring environmental sustainability.

Almost entirely composed of polypropylene, it can replace non-recyclable structures containing aluminium films or metal coatings, and multi-material structures that are not mechanically recyclable today. This is why it is in our ECO range, having been designed with the goals of Horizon 2030/ 2050 in mind. These goals were set out by the European Commission, and state that all plastic packaging must be recyclable or reusable. This represents a challenge for both consumers and companies, who are looking for completely recyclable structures that lengthen and maintain the shelf life of the product.

Currently, the new PP HB ECO can be used in formats such as stand-up pouches (Doypack), 3-weld pouches and the classic pouches with caps used for baby food. This means it is ideal for products such as sauces, pre-prepared dishes, baby-food and on-the-go snacks – thanks to its zipper option –, as well as wet pet-food products. Another of its advantages is that it can be printed using the four different printing systems: offset, flexography, rotogravure and digital printing, ensuring it adapts to any need you may have.

At SP GROUP we are happy to continue searching for, and developing, new cutting-edge materials, such as the new PP HB ECO, which has made us a pioneer in sustainability. Our goal is to provide real solutions for our clients, so we continue to innovate and create versatile, customised and sustainable packaging.






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