The Ishida IX model was one of the first x-ray inspection systems to be installed in France and is continuing to deliver consistently reliable performance.

Herbapac, based in Geispolsheim near Strasbourg, had originally used a metal detector to identify any potential foreign bodies in its teas. However, to meet the particular stringent monitoring standards of Japan, one of the many countries to which the company exports its products, and also to satisfy the quality requirements of its high-end customer base, the company decided to switch to x-ray technology.

The Ishida IX is being used to inspect bulk teas at a rate of 25 to 75kg per hour, which are subsequently packed into boxes or bags. At the start of each production run the machine is set up by passing calibration test pieces of metal, rubber and glass through the system. Any foreign bodies are then detected by measuring the density of the inspected product. An x-ray beam is projected onto a line sensor. As the product passes through the x-ray beam, only the residual energy reaches the sensor. Measurement of the difference in the absorption level of the x-ray energy between the product and a foreign body enables the foreign body to be detected.



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