Since the installation of the Ishida IX-EN-2493 at Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad, the company says that consumer complaints resulting from stones in the beans have been eliminated.

Residual stones in coffee beans is a common problem. Despite Baliarne’s already rigorous quality control procedures, including using magnetic separators and passing the beans through a de-stoner machine, stones can still be present. As well as impacting on the perceived overall quality of the coffee, the stones can also damage the blades in domestic grinders and professional grinders for espresso machines if they go undetected.

Prior to the installation of the Ishida X-ray inspection system, quality checks for stones were carried out by hand but operators were not able to detect all the stones, leading to frequent consumer complaints. Having already used Ishida weighing equipment for a number of years, Baliarne turned to the company to help solve this problem.

“We knew that Ishida was easy to work with, that the company takes a detailed approach to every project and that if we have an almost impossible task, Ishida is the most likely to find a solution,” explains Peter Paciga, Baliarne’s production director.



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