Thanks to the speed and accuracy of the automated system, handling up to 40 trays per minute with product giveaway of less than 1%, Fresh Servant is achieving around 350 trays per employee per hour compared to 150 when the operation was carried out manually.

The Ishida line has enabled Fresh Servant to meet growing demand for complete salad ready meals for on-the-go consumption with added ingredients such as chicken, tuna and cheese. The line comprises tray denesters, feeding systems into three multihead weighers, special deposit systems to place ingredients into the trays, a tray sealer and combined metal detector and checkweigher.

The line is handling tray sizes between 220g and 370g at around 35-40 packs per minute.

The line is in operation for two shifts per day, six days a week, typically handling three different salad varieties during each shift. Changeovers can be carried out easily with new pack specifications called up at the touch of a button on the Remote Control Unit. The line undergoes a thorough clean at the end of each day, where the robust and open design of the Ishida equipment allows a fast and comprehensive wash down. In particular, contact parts of the weighers can be removed and cleaned using a purpose-built wash wall on the weigher gantry.

“As well as the excellent performance of the equipment, Ishida is great company to work with,” comments Sten Snellman, Fresh Servant’s Technical Manager. “We enjoy a positive working partnership, and this helped to ensure a fast and smooth installation, with high levels of advice and support throughout.”

“The Ishida line has made a major contribution to our ability to meet growing demand for our ranges of convenience salads,” confirms Fresh Servant CEO Sami Haapasalmi.



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