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With Costacker palletizing becomes a piece of cake!

Tired of dragging boxes to pallets? Are you therefore looking for a solution that can make palletizing a lot faster and easier? Then our Costacker is exactly what you are looking for! It is an innovative stacking robot, developed to palletize quickly and efficiently. The industry or location for which you want to use it plays no role: the cobot is modular and therefore easy to adapt to various factors. The Costacker is the budget-friendly solution par excellence.

How does palletizing work with the Costacker?

The cobot installation process takes about a day. If you want to reposition the Costacker to palletize afterwards, that is no problem: it drives effortlessly in production and fits smoothly through most doors. Standard it can stack up to 1.2 meters, with an elevator even up to 2 meters.

Save time, money and space with this palletiser!

You can easily set the stacking patterns and use them within a minute. In addition, the Costacker is equipped with extra functions to meet all your needs. For example, you can add a code reader if you work in the pharmaceutical and / or food industry: the reader registers which box is on which pallet, which facilitates aggregation. In addition, the Costacker can work together with staff: the safety scanners ensure that the cobot adapts its speed to the environment. Are there no people around? Then he works at full speed. As icing on the cake, don’t worry about potential defects: the Costacker automatically notifies us before a problem arises, allowing us to intervene right away.


Carries up to eight kilos (soon 20kg)
Stacks two meters high
Stacks nine boxes per minute
Is suitable for aggregation
Can be moved if desired
Will be installed one day
Predicts maintenance
Suitable for food and pharma

Would you like to see our Costacker palletize once?

Curious to try this palletiser yourself? Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a free demo. We will come to you with Costacker so that you can see with your own eyes how easy palletizing can be. If you are a fan after the test, we will gladly leave the Costacker with you

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