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Olmia Robotics from Tiel is a system integrator of Collaborative Robots (cobots) and specializes in supplying cobot systems to all processing industries.
Olmia Robotics offers a production scan as the first consultancy service and supplies, assembles, installs and maintains the cobot systems throughout the life of the system. Our goal is to provide customers with a plug & play cobot set to help automate (parts of) their production or assembly.
The development of the cobot systems can include technical solutions for the supply and removal of products that the cobot processes, programming the robot arm, performing FAT and SAT tests, assembling the robot system and commissioning it at the customer.
In addition to developing robot systems for specific applications, Olmia Robotics supplies attachments, tools and accessories for the cobots, such as: grippers, sensors, vision systems, supply systems, exchange systems, etc. These can also be ordered directly in the webshop: cobotwebshop.com. We have developed standard products for a number of specific applications, such as our Robobooster for loading machines, the Palletbooster for palletising and the Boxbooster for setting up boxes.
For companies that need flexibility, Olmia Robotics offers cobot systems for lease (RaaS) or rent.

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