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With more than 60 years of experience, NO-NAIL BOXES is the Luxembourg manufacturer of collapsible plywood and steel boxes for industrial use. Established in Wiltz (Luxembourg), the company employs around seventy people to produce annually close to 450.000 boxes, of which almost 90% are made to measure.
NO-NAIL BOXES seeks to supply collapsible plywood boxes that are adapted to the specific needs of their clients, in order to guarantee the greatest integrity of the packaged products as well as user safety.
Client satisfaction is the top priority of NO-NAIL BOXES. Shipped flat, NO-NAIL BOXES packaging ensures saved space during storage and a reduction of transportation costs. All NO-NAIL BOXES crates are designed according to an ISO 9001 certified process and are conform to the ISPM 15 standard. They are also light, user-friendly, manageable for the operator and can be personalised thanks to our different imprint techniques.
Quality, protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources are integral parts of the NO-NAIL BOXES philosophy, as evidenced by the numerous labels and certifications: ISO 14001 (minimising its impact on the environment), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), PEFC (sustainable forest management) and AEO (Approved Economic Operator).
NO-NAIL BOXES is also labelled “SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber” (prevention, management and reduction of the company’s waste), “Sécher & Gesond mat System” and is part of the MLQE (Luxembourg Movement for Quality and Excellence).

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