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Mpac has been a leading international developer and manufacturer of State of art packaging machines and packaging lines for more than 60 years. We supply carton and case packer solutions built and developed on the basis of the latest technology.
Mpac is regarded as one of the market leading suppliers of solutions in the field of
carton packaging machines, case packers and palletizers.
We supply standard solutions and custom solutions and are specialized in:
• Optimization of productivity through our intelligent control system.
• input and grouping systems for various products.
• Creative and innovative solutions for complex and / or high speed packaging issues.
• Track and trace your product throughout the packaging chain.
• Establishing and expanding long-term customer / supplier relationships and realizing them by means
of speed, quality, reliability and service.

The cartoning and packaging machines of Mpac Langen are used in the following industries:
• Foods (fresh, frozen and packaged)
• Biscuits, cakes and snacks
• Beverages (gift packaging)
• Consumables (batteries, lamps)
• Personal products (lenses, tissues, wipes)
• Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
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