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Ishida are a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of weighing, packing and inspection solutions for the food industry, helping manufacturers reduce costs and downtime, increase efficiencies and maximise profits.

With an installed global base well in excess of 100,000 industrial machines, Ishida are the undisputed world market leader for multihead weighers and one of the leading suppliers of snack food bagmakers, traysealers, X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers, weigh-price-labellers, leak detectors as well as a world-class supplier of turnkey solutions for snacks, protein, frozen and dry foods.

The company’s extensive product range includes multihead weighers, marination, topping, filling and distribution systems, weigh-batchers, RobotGraders, FLEX-Graders, traysealers, snack food bagmakers, seal testers, Ishida AirScan leak detectors, X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers, weigh-price-labellers, vision systems, data collection and OEE software as well as Ishida Sentinel remote line monitoring solutions, all of which enable Ishida to provide fully integrated solutions for a wide spectrum of food and non-food applications.

Ishida Europe’s product range now includes:

• Traditional multihead weighers for free flowing or semi-sticky food products
• Screw feeder for sticky fresh food
• Fresh Food Weighers for very sticky and fragile food
• Cutgate weighers for granular products
• Orbicote Marination systems for meat and poultry
• Filling-, Distribution and Topping Systems
• RobotGraders and FLEX-Graders for fresh poultry, meat and fish
• Traysealers
• X -ray inspection systems
• Seal integrity testers for pillow packs and trays (with optional vision systems)
• Ishida AirScan leak detectors
• Checkweighers with optional integrated metal detectors
• Weigh-Price-Labellers
• Automatic Casepackers for snacks
• Pick-and-place systems for end-of line automation
• Complete packing lines including feed and conveying systems, gantries, bagmakers, flow wrappers and other packaging machines
• Industry 4.0 solutions such as Ishida Sentinel and IDCS (Ishida data Capture System)

In addition, its international service and support network ensures that its problem solving and applications expertise are available worldwide.

Ishida Europe develop its solutions to integrate with existing production and packing lines and take account of factors such as floor space, packing line capacity, product conditions, handling requirements, hygiene etc. With nearly half of its over 600 strong workforce fulfilling technical roles, Ishida Europe are truly committed to increasing packing line speeds, maximising accuracy, improving efficiency and cutting total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ishida Europe’s manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, sales, service, and marketing functions are headquartered in Birmingham, UK. Additional subsidiary offices are located in France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, UAE and South Africa. Other countries are handled by a network of country-specific business area managers, agents and distributors.

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