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Advancing food processing technology with creativity, passion, and unmatched expertise at a global scale.

For over 70 years across food industries and applications, Heat and Control’s specialised equipment solutions have set the standard for yield, efficiency, and safety. Offering complete processing and packaging lines that feature integration from start to finish ensures full line efficiency and performance.

Food Processing
From raw produce preparation and value-adding to frying, cooking, thermal processing, seasoning, and coating. Includes support and ancillary equipment to maintain high quality taste and consistency.

Product Handling
Maintain efficient production at optimal capacity. Smart design and line management that achieves accurate feed, accumulation, and distribution flow. Includes conveyors, elevators, and proportional feeding systems.

Packaging and Inspection
High speed and accurate weighing and packaging systems for all kinds of food products. Followed by the highest sensitivity X-ray and metal detection technologies for quality control and food safety requirements.

Snack Foods
Producing the world’s best tasting snack food products, our industry leading end-to-end systems process and package the highest quality product. From raw to packaged product, complete snack lines produce high quality natural potato chips, corn and tortilla chips, taco shells, corn tortillas and tostadas, roasted nuts, coated nuts, namkeen and many more.

Prepared Foods
Our value-added systems prepare and cook consistently superior beef, pork, poultry, and seafood to create a distinctive quality that stands out in the marketplace. Our French fry systems are the workhorse of the industry. We process a broad range of styles, including straight cut, crinkle cut, curly fries, potato wedges, and a variety of potato co-products.

Whether you measure success by flavour, efficiencies, improvement, or innovation, count on us to deliver results. Whatever your product needs, we can meet it with precision and passion.

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