ERES BIGBAG Nederland B.V.

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ERES BIGBAG is an experienced BIGBAG producer that has been producing BIGBAG for more than 15 years. We have a production capacity of more than 30.000000 on an annual basis. We do this with a manpower of 700 employees in a 25000m2 production factory.

ERES BIGBAG Nederland B.V. is one of our contact and sales point for our European customers. Every year we transport more than 10.000000 BIGBAGS throughout Europe. In addition, we deliver between traders and suppliers throughout Europe.

In addition to BIGBAG, we produce Anti-root cloths, GEOtextiles and all types of wrapping films as well as hand wrapping as well as machine.

With our expert staff we are happy to give you more information and help you with your BIGBAG and packaging solutions.

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