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DYMATO AUTOMATION makes flexible automation easy and affordable with the collaborative cobots from Hanwha Robotics.


The Hanwha HCR and HCR-Advanced cobots can be applied to various processes, from simple tasks like pick & place and palletizing to screwing, polishing, and dispensing.

The collaborative robots HCR-3A, HCR-5A and HCR-12A are
– compact
– easy to integrate
– user friendly
– flexible
– safe

They can assist your employees and facilitate their current or replace human operators in dull, repetitive, and dangerous jobs, allowing your employees to focus on high value-added tasks and work in a safe environment. They reduce your operational costs and can easily respond to changes in your production process. The Hanwha cobots provide an accessible and cost effective automation solution for every company.


With the HCR-A (Advanced) series Hanwha takes the use of cobots to a higher level. Not only in terms of accuracy, especially in terms of flexibility through the integration of 3D vision based on artificial intelligence, mobility and monitoring.

– automatic calibration by 2D Vision ensures fast changeover time.
– with 3D Vision based on AI for pick and place from random placed objects.
– enhanced lineair speed & repeatibility for increased productivity.
– Rodi-X software play makes it easy to implement applications
– advanced EtherCat port for easy plug & play
– robot visual safety
– you can monitor your cobot from distance with the monitoring service.
– can work as a stand-alone with HCT-1200 table from Dymato.


Dymato Automation is exclusive dealer of Hanwha collaborative robots in the Benelux with a team of cobot specialists at your service. We work with our customers to find the most suitable solution based on the Hanwha cobot. Our experts provide support with application development for complex and larger projects. And after the cobot installation, we will help you with training, support and service to maximize the efficiency of your process automation.

With our delivery program, the know-how of production technology, excellent facilities and the pursuit of perfection in the service, DYMATO has taken an important position in the market.

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