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► Delivering variable print excellence:
Compliant and high-quality variable prints, such as barcodes, are essential in any supply chain. DNP is making high-quality Japanese Thermal Transfer Ribbons that deliver just this. Our expertise is to find the ribbon that meets the exact requirements of your application and production system.

► Peace-of-mind on variable code printing:
Variable code printing should in no way compromise your production process and supply chain. The cost-to-risk ratio of Thermal Transfer Ribbons makes it a consumable that should perform and be available at any moment. The constant high quality of DNP, combined with tailored service that delivers the ribbons to your exact needs, secures peace-of-mind on variable code printing.

►Harmonising substrate, printer and ribbon:
For each application and exposure, DNP has a ribbon. We work closely with printer and label manufacturers to ensure that the ribbon of choice performs optimally in your production line. The main characteristics of the DNP ribbons are provided on our website. Our experts are available to answer specific questions and help you with your thermal transfer print challenges.

►Customising ribbons to your needs:
DNP is delivering ribbons according to specific customer requirements, including:
• Width of roll
• Length of ribbon
• Type of core
• Inclusion of take-up core
• Outer package

In addition to this, we can fulfil your branding requirements, for example by formulating custom colours. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your specific needs!

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