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Bliston Packaging has been manufacturing a wide and varied range of plastic packaging since 1968.

In our recently built factory, which meets BRC and IOP accreditation, the modern machinery park offers an optimized production
process meeting the highest quality requirements needed in packaging for both food and non-food industries.

Bliston Packaging is proud of its in-house management of the various moulds. It’s care and maintenance of the moulds enables
accuracy and continuity for the production of our customers packaging. All moulds are interchangeable enabling each
product to be manufactured on all types of Bliston’s thermoforming machines.

Bliston Packaging has it’s own warehouse which enables us to take care of your stock management or to produce or deliver

Bliston Packaging has a ready-made solution for most packaging issues generally which includes links with our international
partners. This enables us to provide greater opportunities to benefit you,
our customer.

Bliston… ‘your partner in packaging’ offering innovation
combined with creativity and flexibility.

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