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Filling and capping specialist for bottles, cups and now also bags, pouches and BIB.
Our bottles solutions contain rotary filling machines, Linear solutions, monoblock with cappers, eventually combined with blowmoulder, rinser, etc…
We advise you, what is for your specific project, the smartest solution.
For cups, we propose rotary intermittent solutions from 2.000 up to 10.000 cups per hour and linear solutions for more complex or higher capacity projects.
We can now also propose flexible packaging solutions, with high end, experienced partners. We have solutions for stand-up pouches, Bag-in-Box or BIB, pillow pouches, all with and without caps.
Alpaco works with ETT-Benelux to complete the filler-capper with end of line or can propose a complete solution with Serac or Alwid as integrator.




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