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Food safety is a public health priority that is presenting new
challenges due to the increasing trends in global food production,
processing and distribution. Consumers are regarding foodborne
disease outbreaks with increasing concern.

Air Liquide is a leading international gas supplier with innovative
solutions to address the most challenging food productivity issues.
With over 40 years of experience in food and beverage processing,
Air Liquide has been a pioneer in the development of food and beverage-grade gases for the industry. Our ALIGAL premium gas products have been specifically developed in order to meet the food safety and quality standards throughout the world.

ALIGAL guarantees that our range of gas products complies
with the industry standards and enforceable legislation in each
country and, at a minimum with European purity specifications. The
ALIGAL brand ensures that a food safety management system
based upon HACCP* principles is applied throughout all stages of
the production process and supply chain, and also includes a highly
effective traceability system in order to provide peace-of-mind
to both the processor and the final consumer.

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