Emma Empack

Get to know Emma

You have probably already met her? Emma Empack is young, fresh and curious and admires the world around her. Her father introduced her to his packaging machines, the materials and their manufacture into various packaging at an early age. Emma has a large dose of creativity and together with her father has made the cardboard astronaut helmet. She is ready for her journey to the future, the future of packaging technology. Are you willing to accompany her?

For the next generation

Astronauts make a lifelike journey to space. A journey that will forever change their view of our beautiful planet … We, Empack, are convinced that educating future generations is an important key to preserving this beautiful planet. Today, they are much more aware of global issues such as climate change, water pollution and sustainable living. They want to contribute, but often they don’t know how. As an independent packaging platform, Empack wants to provide its visitors with answers and solutions in the field of packaging technology and materials, linked to sustainability.

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